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What is Brave, Strong Girls?

  The Brave, Strong Girls Series is a series of books specially created to give children strong girl role models in the books they read, with female characters who are resilient, who are brave, and who think for themselves. All author profits go to charities which empower and educate girls around the world.

Fairy tales have a wonderful place in young children’s lives – sparking their imagination and teaching them about life. Unfortunately, the traditional versions are unfair to girls and women. Almost all the evil characters are older women, jealous of their younger counterparts.

The young girl characters are often judged only on their beauty. They also spend much of their time totally passive – asleep, trapped, or helpless victims. They make silly mistakes and their only chance of a happy ending is to be rescued by, or married to, a prince.

We know this does not reflect reality, and the Brave, Strong Girls Series is putting this right! It’s a series for girls and boys - both gain a lot from seeing female characters they can respect.

The books are fun and beautifully illustrated. They keep the magic and beauty of the traditional fairytales, while also sending much better messages about the amazing talents and courage of girls and women.


Please contact us on:

Twitter: @BraveStrongGrls

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bravestronggirls?ref=hl